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Interior Decorative Concrete

Concrete floors are a high-in-demand feature in contemporary and modern homes. Once considered a material for outdoor uses and commercial settings, concrete flooring is used inside homes as a finished floor for obvious reasons – it is cost effective, versatile, highly customizable and durable making it a very attractive proposition compared to other flooring materials.

Compared to other types of flooring materials, concrete is hard and strong flooring material. For interior living spaces with lots of foot traffic, concrete flooring is a very viable solution. Decorative concrete resurfacing allows for refinishing concrete floors in many ways, hence opening the possibility of being creative, unique and make a statement with concrete flooring. 

Adding dyes and etching techniques will transform the uninspiring gray color of concrete into a piece of art you will be excited to showcase to your friends and family. 

Compared to other types of popular flooring like solid wood, engineered vinyl flooring and stone, concrete flooring is fairly inexpensive for the bang you can get out of it. 

a winning flooring finish for home interiors

It is no mystery why concrete floors are featured in so many modern and contemporary homes. Aside from their costs, concrete floors are low maintenance, unique, can be heated and are eco-friendly. 

Low maintenance

While concrete is porous by nature, once sealed during the resurfacing process, it will become a breeze to clean. Sealed concrete floors will repel liquids and spills, stains, grime and will even resist hard impacts from heavy objects.

Additional benefits of concrete flooring

Unique designs

Concrete flooring can be finished a number of ways using modern techniques and made to look fabulous, luxurious and unique. Dyes of different colors can be added during the resurfacing process creating finishes that are very custom to a customer taste and choices. Surface treatments such as acid stains, concrete stains and paint made for concrete will produce exceptional results. If textured concrete is the desired result, concrete can be stamped during the resurfacing process. 

Done with the right techniques such as those used by Concrete Innovation Technologies, concrete floors can be made to look like slate or marble for a fraction of the cost of those more expensive flooring materials. With decorative concrete resurfacing, you can choose different colors, patterns and textures to create the ideal type of flooring for your home.

Heated floors

By itself, concrete flooring maintains stable temperature. However, radiant floor heat can be installed to create temperature controlled flooring that is very pleasant to walk on barefoot especially in the winter months.

Eco-friendly, high performance flooring

Yes, concrete flooring are eco-friendly. They are made of cement, air, water, sand, and gravel. Concrete is sourced locally, does not deplete natural resources and require less energy and machinery that other flooring products. If you have allergy problems, concrete flooring is ideal because it inhibits mildew and mold as well as odors. It contains no VOCs and can be finished with a zero-VOC sealer. Concrete flooring also leads to better temperature control in spaces inside a home as concrete absorbs warm and cool air better than other flooring materials. 

Concrete flooring is a great fit for kitchens, living rooms, entryways and baths and is a great flooring to have if you have a busy home and have pets.

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