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Transform your dull concrete surfaces into eye catching focal points of interest.

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Exterior Surfaces

Transform and protect your outdoor spaces with decorative concrete technology.

Interior Surfaces

Turn your interior flooring into a unique  focal point of interest that’s guaranteed to make a statement.

Garage Floors

Coat and protect your garage floor so it’s easier to clean, more durable and better looking. 




Quick Installation Process

Low Maintenance & Easy To Clean

High Durability & Performance

Why decorative concrete resurfacing?

Concrete Innovation Technologies’ concrete resurfacing system is a high performance decorative coating and restoration solution that is capable of turning your cracked, stained and crumbling concrete into surfaces that look like brick, marble, tile, stone or completely unique to your taste and style. With an unlimited selection of colors and patterns, you can transform the look of your pool deck, patio, porch flooring, driveway and sidewalks into an eye catching outdoor feature that will improve your home’s curb appeal. 

Benefits of concrete resurfacing

Solving the limitations of concrete flooring with a durable and decorative overlay

Shortcomings of concrete

Concrete is one of the most widely used construction material because it is readily available, cheap and durable. However, concrete is a porous material that deteriorates overtime, especially when used outdoors where it is exposed to the weather, the elements and soil movement. 

Left on their own, concrete surfaces will stain and discolor, crack and become unsightly. Once your concrete surfaces have been compromised, you only have a few options: live with it, tear it down and have new concrete poured, or revitalize your existing concrete surfaces by having Concrete Innovation Technologies resurface the existing concrete with its high performance decorative concrete overlay system.

The solution

Resurfacing concrete with our Spraymark System will transform your concrete surfaces into high performance surfaces that look great, have twice the strength of your original concrete surfaces and are much easier to maintain and clean. The high quality finishes we achieve mimic more expensive building materials like tile, slate, marble at a fraction of the cost. 

Below is the high performance you can expect from our Spraymark System:

– Freeze and thaw resistance
– Fade resistance
– Stain resistance including mildew and algae stains
– Salt and Alkali resistance
– Heat resistance
– Water resistance

For a fraction of the cost of replacement, we can restore and transform your driveway so it looks like tile, brick, stone or a design that is uniquely yours and highly durable.

Having Concrete Innovation Technologies resurface your concrete surfaces will customize the appearance of your home, improve curb appeal and add value to your home. 

Concrete Innovation Technologies Charlotte