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Exterior Decorative Concrete

Concrete is one of the preferred construction material for exterior surfaces. It is readily available, locally sourced, eco-friendly, durable, can be made to conform to any shape and it’s economical. However, concrete has two main pitfalls – it is porous and its appearance is pretty boring. Decorative concrete overlay can transform the look of your concrete surfaces and supercharge their performance overnight! Concrete Innovation Technologies can help you channel your creativity to outdoor spaces without compromising function, performance or budget.





– Let Concrete Innovation Technologies reinvent your exterior concrete surfaces –

Resurfacing exterior concrete surfaces such as a driveway, sidewalk, pool deck and/or patio will transform the look of  exterior spaces and protect existing surfaces from the weather and the elements. Concrete is a durable and inexpensive building material, but it has a dull appearance (gray) and is porous so it is prone to staining and harboring mildew, mold, algae, moss, etc… Concrete Innovation Technologies eliminates the negatives associated with concrete, as well as beautify exterior surfaces at a fraction of the cost of installing stone, slate, marble or tile flooring.

Decorative concrete is a type of concrete that is mixed with dyes, pigments and additives to achieve results that resemble other materials like stone, slate and marble. The concrete is poured directly over the existing concrete and then etched with chemicals to create grooves on the surface. This process creates interesting finishes that look like stone or other expensive materials.

Noteworthy properties of decorative concrete

Why resurface your outdoor concrete

Overtime, concrete surfaces will develop imperfections such as staining, fading and cracking. Even though concrete is a hard material, the weather, the elements, soil movement and normal wear and tear will compromise its integrity and appearance overtime. While pressure washing will remove some stains, it's an ongoing battle that compels many homeowners to tear down their existing concrete and have new one pour or look for other alternatives altogether. Decorative concrete resurfacing, or concrete overlay is a fast and efficient process used to transform concrete surfaces literally overnight. Below are the top benefits of having Concrete Innovation Technologies resurface your concrete.


Compared to other materials commonly used for outdoor surfaces, decorative concrete resurfacing is surprisingly affordable and looks fantastic.

Added value

Overlaying decorative concrete will not only protect surfaces, it will also add value and curb appeal to your home.

Quick install

Compared to the traditional tear-down and re-pour, overlaying decorative concrete is fast and generate much less construction mess.


Decorative concrete overlay is highly durable and will last a lifetime if taken care of properly. It is resistant to fading, staining and will strengthen underlying concrete surfaces.


Decorative concrete can be used on exterior surfaces including driveways, patios, sidewalks, covered porches and pool decks. 

Unlimited design options

Decorative concrete comes in many different colours, textures, and designs. The possibilities and design options are endless.

Additional services provided by Concrete Innovation Technologies

For all outdoor projects, Concrete Innovation Technologies is proud to offer the following professional services:

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