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Garage Floors Resurfacing

Having your garage floor protected against staining agents like oil, grease, tire marks, acid spills, dirt and grime is key to have it last and look good for a long time. Because of soil movement, garage floors tend to develop fine cracks overtime. You could choose to epoxy your concrete floors, but are you really ready to deal with the terrible smell of epoxy from potent VOC and having to wait over a week for the epoxy to cure so you can use garage again and having to repeat the process again in a few short years? Concrete Innovation Technologies has a better solution for you. It’s called decorative concrete overlay.



Long lasting

Easy to clean and maintain

– A hassle-free garage floor is just a call away –

Garage floors need to be tough. While regular concrete floors do a decent job at being durable and are temperature resistant, they are porous, they get stained and crack overtime. Adding decorative concrete overlay in your garage will not only add style, it will also add performance in a space that very much needs it. 

A high performance flooring protection like no other

Garage floors take a lot of abuse on a daily basis from vehicles move in and out, liquid spills and leaks, tools, foot traffic and whatever else could take place in a garage. Decorative concrete offers a durable solution that resists fading, staining, scratching and cracking. Concrete Innovation Technologies resurfacing concrete formula is applied directly over the existing concrete after it has been pressure washed and acid etched to remove contaminants. The applied layer is less than a dime thick and will double the strength of the existing concrete. 

Easy to clean and maintain

Our decorative concrete formulation is hydrophobic. It’s low porosity  makes it really easy to clean up messes on garage floors from oil, grease and chemicals spills. Once resurfaced, your garage floor will resist abrasion, scratching, staining and dents. That’s what you call high performance! It truly is a hassle-free flooring option that is easy to clean and maintain. 

Resistance to Chemicals

Garages are often exposed to a variety of chemicals. Decorative concrete overlays exhibit resistance to these common garage substances, offering protection against stains and damage. This chemical resistance ensures the longevity and integrity of the garage floor.

Quick Installation

Can you imagine not being able to use your garage for a week and have its content packed outside or inside your house because you chose to have your garage floor epoxied? That kind of downtime is a major hurdle and it’s definitely not practical. Decorative concrete resurfacing is quick to apply, has low to no VOC and it’s quick to cure! If you schedule Concrete Innovation Technologies to resurface your garage floor in the morning, you can start using your garage that afternoon. It’s that fast!

Styling your garage floor

One of the primary advantages of using decorative concrete overlays in garages is their ability to enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the space. You can choose from a diverse range of colors, patterns, and textures, allowing for a high degree of customization. The transformation from a plain, utilitarian garage floor to a visually appealing and stylish surface adds a touch of personalization to the home environment.

Cost effectiveness

In comparison to alternative flooring options, decorative concrete overlays will save you money. You can achieve a stylish and durable garage floor without incurring the high costs associated with more elaborate flooring materials or having to tear down your concrete and have new one poured. This makes decorative concrete overlays an accessible choice for homeowners looking to enhance their garage without exceeding their budget.

Concrete Innovation Technologies Charlotte